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International Concerto Festival (ICF) was founded in 2017 in order to advance the art of performing concertos by providing developing soloists with an opportunity to work with world-class faculty and an excellent professional orchestra in a beautiful environment conducive to serious study and practice.


Our festival includes private lessons, group classes/discussion, one-on-one mentorship, rehearsal time with a professional orchestra, supportive faculty and staff, beautiful, safe accommodations, and fun activities.

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Each International Concerto Festival ends with a concert featuring the students. A professional orchestra accompanies each soloist in a movement from the concerto they are studying at the Festival. Staff Conductors Bahman Saless and Silas Huff work with the soloists through the rehearsal process and concert experience. In 2024, the concert will take place at the Kromeriz Archbishop's Residence (Palace), site of the filming of many scenes in the 1984 Oscar Award-winning film Amadeus.

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ICF students are aspiring professional soloists seeking professional development and opportunities to practice and perform concertos in a safe environment. Students must be 18 years old or older to attend unaccompanied. Parent(s)/guardian(s) of minors must travel with minor students and remain at the festival for the duration.

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